Saturday, February 27, 2010

the Pantheon

Setting out for the Pantheon, 2000 years old
we resist the purchase of a 2000 year old outfit.

and award the dog of the day/circumstance of the day
to the labrador in the bookshop with the not-blind man.

Within a few minutes from our room we arrive at the Pantheon.
Most days in Rome 40 years ago I would walk to work and after passing through Piazza Navona would enter this piazza from the left and leave at the right. When, in quieter days than now, one came upon the Pantheon alone, it seemed alive, breathing quietly, perhaps the most extraordinary building anywhere, an excellent reason alone to come to Italy.

Eventually, of course, we have to follow a skirt outside.

Where we find the Korean tour guide telling a story about a fish,
while the Scotsman waits to tell a story about the shot put.

Yes of course, we did eventually have to ask two gentlemen in kilts whether perhaps there was a Rugby game for which they had dressed. No, they said, it is cultural exchange week, there are some of them back over there. We noted in good humour that they were drinking Coca Cola and smoking Marlboro. It is possible we were having our legs pulled. There was a Rugby match. Next day Italy thrashed Scotland, surely cause for consternation. T'would perhaps be interesting to see tails between legs of kilted laddies... or perhaps not...

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